GitKraken Git Client

The easiest way to learn & use Git

Git is as notorious as the Kraken for being powerful, but it’s also complicated to learn, especially if you’re trying to memorize Git commands. If you’re new to Git, GitKraken will help you get up-to-speed with Git faster and contribute to projects easily and safely from day one. Integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Azure DevOps make it easy to add remotes and streamline your Git workflow by managing pull requests in-app. Dive into all the features GitKraken offers to make Git easy to learn and use.

Visualize Commit History

The easy-to-read commit graph will help you visualize branch structure and commit history to see who made what code changes and when. The CLI can’t give you this level of  visibility when auditing your team’s merge history.

Don’t Memorize Commands

The intuitive UI will simplify complicated, hard-to-remember commands into the click of a button, drag of a tentacle, or tap of the keyboard. There are plenty of keyboard shortcuts for repo actions, navigating and adjusting the UI, using the Command Palette, and working with Tabs.

Command Palette

The Command Palette is a fan favorite! As you type in the Command Palette, it will find the most relevant commands for you to select from, so you can complete all kinds of Git actions with incredible speed. 

Undo in 1 Click

Ever use the command line, hit the enter key and have that awful moment where you’re not sure if something dreadful just happened? Mistakes are unavoidable in Git, but with GitKraken’s magical undo button, in a single click you undo these common actions: checkout, commit, discard, delete branch, remove remote, and reset branch to a commit.

Single Sign On

Login to GitKraken with GitHub or Google to avoid managing multiple account credentials. Signing in with GitHub automatically connects the GitHub integration, so you can quickly generate an SSH key, clone or fork a repo, and create/manage pull requests.

Multiple Profiles

Create multiple profiles to store your UI preferences, integrations, current tabs, and Git config information. This makes it quick to switch between your multiple personalities or projects or work environments. You’ll have everything you need configured and ready to go.

Know Who’s Working on What

Admins on  GitKraken Pro and Enterprise accounts can create teams within organizations. The team view shows all team members and which files and branches they’re working on. You’ll have to do your own detective work to find out what’s in that mug… 🕵️‍♂️

Avoid Merge Conflicts

When you’re collaborating on a project, merge conflicts are bound to happen. Unless… There’s a clever Kraken keeping an eye out to warn you when you and a team member are working on the same file. That’s right, GitKraken is the only Git GUI that detects and alerts ⚠️ you of potential conflicts so you can prevent them from ever happening! 

Clearly Resolve Merge Conflicts

Resolving merge conflicts can be one of the most complicated tasks in Git if you’re using a typical CLI. GitKraken has a built-in Merge Tool to make conflict resolution so much more clear. You’ll see the current branch and the target branch that you’re merging into side by side. Simply check a section and it will be added to the output so you can see the options in context and decide what to commit. You can also configure other popular external merge tools.

Add Remotes

Using forks with your team? Remotes are easy to search for and add when using integrations like GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Bitbucket. This makes viewing and interacting with other forks and remote branches quick and easy.

Share Deep Links

On Slack or GitHub or wherever you communicate with your team, you can share deep links to commits, branches, and tags in specific repositories to jumpstart collaboration in GitKraken. No more hunting down branches; deep links make reviewing collaborators’ changes faster and easier. 

Create & Manage Pull Requests

GitKraken has its tentacles connected to all the popular Git repository hosting services. It’s swift and simple to create pull requests. If you’re using the GitHub integration, you get even more PR capabilities: edit, merge, approve, request changes or comment on a pull request without ever leaving GitKraken. 

Filter Pull Requests

With a whole team of Git contributors making pull requests, keeping tabs on all the potential changes can quickly become overwhelming. Sort through the noise and filter by pull requests opened by you, assigned to you, awaiting your review, or other custom filters.

Use the Built-In Editor

The Monaco code editor that powers VS Code is also built into GitKraken so you can initialize a brand new project, add new files and folders, and edit them directly in GitKraken. Save your files, stage and commit your changes. It’s that streamlined of a workflow.

View Diffs

Need to see what changed in a commit, file, branch, etc.? Diffs make it easy in the GUI! Click on a file from the commit panel and select Hunk View, Inline View, or Split View to get the best context. Zero in on specific changes thanks to syntax highlighting and word diffing. Alternatively, it’s easy to configure and launch your favorite external diff tool from GitKraken.

File Blame and History

Sometimes you need to know who to ask about a change. With File Blame, it’s easy to review which commit author made what change in the code and when. And with File History, it’s easy to explore all the changes ever made to a file. 

Connect Your Issue Tracker

Reduce context switching by connecting GitKraken to Jira, Jira Server, Git Integration for Jira, Trello, GitHub Issues, GitHub Enterprise Issues, GitLab Issues, GitLab Self-Managed Issues or GitKraken Boards to manage issues, create branches tied to issues, and create new issues directly from GitKraken. 

Built-In Issue Tracking

GitKraken Boards is a task and issue tracking system that you can open in a tab in the client or in a browser. Visualize issues in a Kanban board, timeline or calendar view.

> GitKraken CLI

The new GitKraken CLI provides a powerful “keyboard-driven” Git-enhanced terminal experience with the visualizations GitKraken is known for, all conveniently within the GitKraken client.  The commit graph, diff, history and blame views are available on-the-fly, providing context and help when you need them, and hidden away when you don’t. Drive Git faster and with fewer mistakes with autosuggest and autocomplete for Git commands. A Git CLI has never been this powerful, fast, and easy!

Make Git easier, safer & more powerful.