GitKraken Client Features​

Git GUI + CLI features that make Git easier, safer & more powerful

Visualize Commit History

The easy-to-read commit graph will help you visualize branch structure and commit history. It not only helps verify your recent Git actions on the repo, but also shows who made what code changes and when, so it’s easy to track down when a bug was introduced and revert back to a previous version. The CLI alone can’t give you this level of  visibility when auditing your team’s merge history.

Enhance the Terminal Experience

A Git-enhanced terminal experience with GitKraken’s powerful visual Git commit graph, gives you incredible live “synchronized” visibility into your commit history and branches when you need it and can be hidden away when you don’t.

Avoid Merge Conflicts

When you’re collaborating with a team, merge conflicts are bound to happen. Unless… There’s  a clever Kraken keeping an eye out to warn you when you and a team member are working on the same file. That’s right, GitKraken Client is the only Git GUI that detects and alerts ⚠️ you of potential conflicts so you can prevent them from ever happening! And with user Activity Status, you’ll know who is online with you in the GitKraken Client. 

Safely Resolve Merge Conflicts

Resolving merge conflicts can be one of the riskiest tasks in Git if you’re using the CLI. GitKraken Client has a built-in Merge Tool to make conflict resolution so much safer. You’ll see the current branch and the target branch that you’re merging into side by side. Simply select a section and it will be added to the output so you can  decide what to commit. 

Create & Manage Pull Requests

GitKraken Client has its tentacles connected to all the popular Git repository hosting services. It’s swift and simple to create pull requests. If you’re using the GitHub integration, you get even more PR capabilities: edit, merge, approve, request changes or comment on a pull request without ever leaving the GitKraken Client.

Supercharge Rebases

Not only is it easy to rebase in GitKraken, you can also harness the power of interactive rebase without stressing over syntax or order. Drag and drop a branch to kick off an interactive rebase and then you’ll have complete control to Pick, Reword, Squash, and Drop commits.

Use GitKraken Client for Free​

GitKraken Client is always free to use with local and public cloud-hosted repos. It includes a 7-day trial to work with private repos and access to premium features. There’s no risk in giving it a try!

Onboard Teams

GitKraken Workspaces saves teams time by providing an easy way to group repositories and quickly onboard new team members. Instead of telling new developers which repos to manually clone, GitKraken Workspaces makes it easy to provision repositories with just a few clicks. This saves managers and new hires time, and they can get to the more important work sooner. 

Undo in 1 Click

Ever use the command line, hit the enter key and immediately realize you meant to do something else? Mistakes are unavoidable in Git, but with GitKraken’s magical undo button, in a single click you undo these common actions: checkout, commit, discard, delete branch, remove remote, and reset branch to a commit.

Deep Git Integrations

GitKraken has deep integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Bitbucket creating a streamlined workflow: generate SSH keys, clone, fork, add remotes, create pull requests and more, without ever leaving GitKraken.

More Legendary Features

Visual Commit Graph
Enhanced Git Terminal
In-App Merge Tool
1-Click Undo & Redo
Drag & Drop
Command Palette
Built-In Code Editor
Diff Split View
File History & Blame
Syntax Highlighting
Search Within Files
File Minimap
Gitflow Support
Git Hooks Support
Keyboard Shortcuts
Light & Dark Themes
Interactive Rebase
Commit Signing
Merge Conflict Detection
Pull Request Management
Team Visibility