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The GitKraken Git GUI (graphical user interface) empowers 1.8 million+ developers on Windows, Mac, and Linux to release software faster, with fewer errors. Deploy GitKraken across your enterprise to improve the overall efficiency of your development teams and reduce the steep learning curve of Git.

GitKraken Enterprise Integrations

The GitKraken Git GUI integrates with leading repository hosting services—along with any internally hosted repos—to help streamline your development team’s workflow and make working with Git much more intuitive.

GitHub Enterprise

GitLab Self-Managed

Azure DevOps (VSTS)

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If you’re in a disconnected or firewalled environment, GitKraken Enterprise can be self-hosted on your own servers or installed as a stand-alone client.
10-user minimum.

GitKraken Enterprise: Stand-Alone or Self-Hosted

Self-Hosted Stand-Alone
Self-Hosted Stand-Alone
Price $99 per user per year $99 per user per year
Core Git GUI features
For use without internet
User & license management
LDAP integration
Requires an account On your servers
GitHub Enterprise integration
GitLab Self-Managed integration
Bitbucket Server integration
Azure DevOps integration
Auto-updates You control updates
In-app merge conflict output editor
Multiple profiles for work & personal
Email support

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