Unlock additional features with GitLens+

What is GitLens+ anyway?

GitLens itself is a free Git extension for VS Code. GitLens+ adds all-new, completely optional, features that enhance your current GitLens experience when you sign in with a free account. 

GitLens creator Eric Amodio and GitKraken joined forces with the vision of creating a sustainable model that enables us to heavily invest in the free and open source core of GitLens–features that enable greater productivity, safety, ease-of-use, and more–while also creating a set of additional, but completely optional, GitLens+ features designed largely for teams. 

The GitLens+ features are intended to improve collaboration and visualization, and currently include Visual File History and Worktrees. These features are free to use with local and public repositories and only become paid when working with private repos.


GitLens is still free and includes all the core features you know and love. It’s also free and easy to sign up for GitLens+ to get additional GitLens+ features.

Why you should sign up for GitLens+

With GitLens now being part of the GitKraken family of tools, we’re evolving it at a faster pace than ever before. Future investments in GitLens will benefit ALL users, free and paid, whether you have an account or not. However, signing up for a free GitLens+ account ensures you don’t miss out on taking advantage of GitLens+ features on public and local repos!


Create Worktrees that allow multiple branches to be checked-out at once on the same repository. This makes it easier to develop on, or test multiple branches, by minimizing the context switching between branches.

Visual File History

Clearly see the history of a file, including: when changes were made, how large they were, and who made them.

Commit Graph (Coming Soon)

 Many new GitLens+ features are being developed, including bringing GitKraken’s signature commit graph to VS Code.