Support Docs

Peruse GitLens documentation to learn about GitLens features, GitLens+ features, Settings, and more.

GitLens History

Hear about the journey of building GitLens from the creator himself, GitKraken CTO, Eric Amodio.

10 Tips to Know

Visual learner? Check out this video featuring 10 things you should know about this tool.


Learn how to contribute to the GitLens open source project, including open issues where help is wanted. And BTW, thank you! 😄

GitHub Repo

Looking to submit a feature request or bug report? Check out the GitLens public repository.

Release Notes

Don’t miss an update on new GitLens features, product improvements, and bug fixes.

New GitLens+ features introduced, including Worktrees and Visual File History. Plus, GitLens now supports VS Code for the Web (in preview)! Learn more.

Git Knowledge Center

Cheat Sheets

No need to memorize Git commands! Download the Git Basics Cheat Sheet and bookmark our growing database of Git commands.

Migrating to Git

Whether you’re still evaluating Git vs SVN, or are ready to migrate from SVN to Git or from Perforce to Git, we’ve got helpful information and step-by-step instructions.