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An Arizona-based software company that develops GitKraken and an agile project management software also called Axosoft.

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Join us in a full-time role developing amazing software like the GitKraken Git GUI, Boards and Timelines. Or become a GitKraken Ambassador!

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Our Story

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It all started in 2014. You’ve heard the story before... Two developers, a frustrating lack of quality Git GUIs across all major operating systems, and a mission to create a Git GUI that didn’t suck!

Axosoft nurtured this 30-day experimental project started by two intrepid developers, and created a prototype that had everyone excited about the need it filled in the market. From there, a larger, full-time team was assembled, and in 2015, for the first time, we released the Kraken.

Since then, GitKraken has become a product mature beyond its years. It continues to be improved at an astonishingly fast rate, raising eyebrows at the aggressive pace of performance improvements and feature additions.

GitKraken now offers Git novices and pros a consistent experience across Mac, Windows and Linux. And makes Git operations not only performant and efficient, but understandable, visual, and perhaps even just a little bit…fun!

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