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The #1 Git Extension for supercharging Git in your IDE

Visualize your repo commit history with the GitKraken Commit Graph, get contextual information about your commits with the Commit Details View, connect to GitHub Enterprise, authenticate securely with Single Sign On, and more!

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GitLens unlocks the untapped knowledge within each repository to help visualize code authorship by leveraging CodeLens and Git blame to expose your Git history at every line of code. Seamlessly navigate and explore Git repositories, gain valuable insights via powerful comparison commands, and unleash the full power of Git without breaking your development flow.

While GitLens is powerful and feature-rich, it is also highly customizable to meet your specific needs — find code lens intrusive or the current line blame annotation distracting — no problem, it is quick and easy to turn them off or change how they behave.

Features that Supercharge Git in VS Code

Unobtrusive Blame Annotations

At the end of each line of code, you’ll find an unobtrusive current line blame annotation showing the commit and author who last modified the line. Check out the status bar blame to see similar information.

View Git Authorship CodeLens

GitLens leverages CodeLens to expose the most recent commit and number of authors at the top of files and on code blocks. Click the links that CodeLens exposes to show a commit file details quick pick menu with commands for comparing, navigating and exploring commits, and more. 

Easily Navigate Revision History

With just a click of a button, you can navigate backwards and forwards through any file’s history. Compare changes over time and see the revision history of the whole file or every individual line of code. Customizable and unobtrusive Git blame annotations are still shown on every line, telling you the author, date, and message for the last commit!

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GitLens is the leading Git extension for VS Code, rated 4.8 out of 5 stars with hundreds of reviews! It serves as a companion tool for developers, offering rich insights and visualizations directly in the IDE, and providing real-time contextual feedback and help.

Why Developers Love GitLens


Unlock the wealth of knowledge within your repository to better understand the code and its evolution, increasing productivity and reducing defects.


Leverage the full power of Git directly in your IDE, whether you are a Git novice, guru, or anywhere in between.


Completely integrate GitLens with your code and your workflow. All from the comfort of your IDE, no context switching required.

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With over 10 million installs and 70 million downloads, GitLens is one of the popular VS Code extensions. Period. GitLens offers in-depth, contextual Git details, helping developers gain valuable insights and unlock powerful Git features.