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GitKraken Client is designed to meet the needs of every developer with its intuitive GUI, powerful CLI, and all the features you’d expect from the world’s most popular Git client. Not only does it boost individual developer productivity, GitKraken Client enables teams to collaborate more effectively.

Relied on by high-performing dev teams

Elite enterprises choose GitKraken because we provide more than just a suite of world-class Git tools that improve developer experience. GitKraken is committed to enabling our customers with everything you need to be successful, from Git education to a centralized Help Center full of product onboarding, training, and support resources.

“GitKraken Client is now a standard across our entire R&D organization. Every action can be done in just a few clicks, which saves our developers a lot of time. The UI is so fast and intuitive that even our most experienced coders prefer this tool over the git command line.”
- Filip Van Damme, VP Discovery

Connect the tools your teams rely on

For a more streamlined workflow, leverage deep integrations with the tools already in your tech stack.

Team collaboration features

Measure how fast pull requests are merged into repos.
Group your repos and create a hub for your projects.
Create teams to leverage collaboration features.
Prevent merge conflicts by getting contextual information from the live Team View.
Understand the repo’s history.
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“I've tried other tools but I found that GitKraken makes things so much easier especially for new Git users. The way it integrates with GitHub/GitHub Enterprise is great and very easy to use."
- Sébastien Chaurin, Lead Data Scientist
John Deere
“GitKraken Client has been an invaluable tool for visualizing the history and state of our repositories. It makes it easy to determine which commits have been merged to which branches, and to trace the history of a feature. Team leads love it for hot-patching and branching.”
- Kyle Fransham, VP of Research & Development
“GitKraken is the best multi platform GUI client. Our developers save 1-2 hours a week using the client."
- Hugo Valentim, Manager Engineer Operations
Stratio Automotive
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Secure, flexible license management

GitKraken Client offers flexible license management options for enterprise environments. Our Enterprise Cloud provides cloud-based accounts with SSO. We also offer On-Premise solutions, both with self-hosted server and serverless with license keys.

Cloud-Based User Accounts

Managed via


Self-hosted Server



Creating a more collaborative future

GitKraken is committed to rapid release cycles and continuing to develop enterprise-grade features and functionality that cater to the evolving security and user management needs of large organizations. Check out the GitKraken Client Roadmap to see what’s coming soon.

GitKraken Client Roadmap

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