Glo IoT Stopwatch

Physically push a button to track your time in GitKraken Boards

IoT Stopwatch

Developed by: Antoine C.


IoT Stopwatch with coffee cup

With the Glo Stopwatch, you can browse through your GitKraken Boards and pick a card you want to tackle. Press start, do your thing, pause if needed, and hit the done button when the task is completed. The time spent will automatically be added to the Glo card.

This app comes with a 5-10 minute DIY tutorial on how to build the physical stopwatch box with buttons! The source code is also meant for anyone who wants to start hacking Arduino buttons and LEDs for a Gloing device.


GitHub Repo:

If you have any issues or feature requests, submit them on GitHub:

Video & Screenshots

IoT Stopwatch wires
IoT Stopwatch
IoT Stopwatch
IoT Stopwatch board

Install Instructions

  1. Build the device following the instructions in the video or in the Instructables page.
  2. Download the code from the repository.
  3. Add your WiFi’s credentials and GitKraken Boards Access Token in the variables.
  4. Flash your code to your ESP-8266 board, using the Arduino software.

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