Glo Web Clipper

Add screenshots, links and descriptions to cards on GitKraken Boards

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Developed by: Jasper M.


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Use Glo Web Clipper to easily capture screenshots on the web and add them to a new or existing card in GitKraken Boards. Optionally, you can also include a link to the website you’re on, and write a description of the clipped content or the link.

Clipping options:

  • “Visible page” will take a screenshot of everything that’s currently visible.
  • “Full page” will take a screenshot of the full page, including everything that is not visible.
  • “Selection” will allow you to freely select a rectangle to clip on the currently visible page.

Saving options:

  • Create a new card using Glo Web Clipper and attach the clipped content as a comment on the newly created card.
  • Add the clipped content to an existing card as a comment.



GitHub Repo:


If you have any issues or feature requests, submit these on GitHub:

Video & Screenshots

web clipper screenshot
web clipper screenshot

Install Instructions

  1. Install the extension. It’s available for Chrome at: and for Firefox at:
  2. Go to any website that is not the Chrome Web Store or the new tab page. If you’re switching to an existing tab, you’ll need to refresh it so the extension can load.
  3. Click the camera icon in the top-right of the browser.
  4. Follow the instructions shown in the user interface in the top-right and create a personal access token with the board:read and board:write scopes. This token is used to authenticate with the GitKraken Boards API.
  5. Copy and paste the token to the extension’s settings, press save and enjoy!
We can’t wait to see what you build with the API! Make sure to check out our app requirements before submitting.